Jayanthi Kuru- Utumpala becomes first Sri Lankan to summit Everest

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Jayanthi Kuru- Utumpala becomes first Sri Lankan to summit Everest

Everest Balcony

One adamant & tenacious Sri Lankan could bring the glory to her motherland by marking the Sri Lanka on the world map in gold. Today (In the early hours of the 21st May, 2016) Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala summited the world’s highest mountain – Mt Everest. In doing so, she becomes the first Sri Lankan ever to reach the top of the world. (29,029ft).

Leaving camp 4 late evening of the previous day, Jayanthi has taken a strenuous overnight trek through the Death Zone of Everest and has successfully reached the top around 5 am today. Her climbing partner Johann Peries could make it to beyond Camp 4 and reports say that he is also making his efforts towards the summit.


Johann Peries

The Death Zone of Everest is 26.000 feet above the sea level.  Extremely low temperatures, low level of oxygen which can make suffocation, further the strenuous climbing itself make the journey almost life threatening for all the climbers. A part of the Himalayan mountain range located in Nepal and Tibet, Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world. Only a handful of climbers were able to successfully complete the extremely challenging climb to its summit. Jayanthi who has accomplished Everest expedition is a true embodiment of great mental & physical capabilities together with undying will power.

Jayanthi as a professional mountaineer has always been passionate in rock climbing and in seeking adventure in life. She was committed & dedicated toward her dream and made continuous efforts in making it. She has gained extensive mountaineering experience not only in Sri Lanka, but also on worldwide mountain ranges. Mt. Kilimanjaro (The highest point in African continent), Paarl Rocks in Stellenbosch, South Africa and Arneles Mendoza in the Argentinean Andes, Spanish Pyrenees & Ben Nevis, which is the highest peak in England, are some of the expeditions she has been trained for.

Jayanthi Kuru- Utumpala becomes first Sri Lankan to summit Everest

Johann and Jayanthi during their Everest expedition

Further she has been dedicating her time in uplifting the status of women in Sri Lanka as a women activist and women’s right advocate. Now she has become a true jewel to mother Sri Lanka as a proud daughter who has shown the true colors and what a woman is capable of achieving.

Jayanthi has taken Sri Lanka into a new height and with this achievement, a new horizon for Sri Lankan climbers is uncovering and future seems to be very prospective for all the adventure lovers.

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  • Wow!! Just amazing! You go girl!

    Doria May 22, 2016 12:07 am Reply

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