Our Story

In 2004, When I did my first high altitude expedition in Nepal, I always wanted to share that experience with my fellow travelers. I dreamed to become a story teller and inspire the world. 

In 2015, with all these thoughts and experiences, I launched SummitMadness with the belief of enabling a responsible and sustainable adventure travel culture in the community.

Since then, we have grown from a small local travel facilitator to a company which caters a far more diversified community around the world. We grow rapidly and each day we do something fascinating to keep our clients happy and satisfied. What hasn’t changed is our never ending passion for making sure you experience the best in an authentic and sustainable manner.

Dayan Sameera
Responsible Tourism

Our efforts in sustainability as an organization reflect our commitment to the idea that our children and grandchildren will have a wonderful natural environment to explore throughout their lives. Our role as a company is to ensure that we’re giving back more to the communities and the natural surroundings that we help you to visit than what is being taken away in our travels. Preserving cultural heritage and conserving and replenishing the natural environment, while improving the lives of local people, is the essence of our way of travelling and is integrated into every decision and action we take at SummitMadness.

The challenges we face

Rising sea levels, more extreme weather events, loss of biodiversity. Our climate is breaking down and destructive industries continue to threaten our forests, oceans and air. But together we can overcome these challenges. Learn more about what Greenpeace is doing to protect our natural world for future generations. 

What we value

We are committed to bring you the best memorable time  while we serve you. Even walking that extra mile with you to make your adventure a life changing experience.


Love is the essence of everything. It’s deep rooted inside our company culture and everything we do, from innovation to changing the life of people around us.


At SummitMadness, value each and every individual for their diverse backgrounds, experiences and beliefs. You are safe within our hands.


We are a family of diverse individuals united by a profound respect for, and enthusiastic belief in, not only our values, but each other which help us to give more value to you and the community around us.

Hot Line
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